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Book: Historic Mission Inn Purchase a beautiful Historic Mission Inn coffee table book. Produced by the Friends of the Mission Inn, this beautiful full color coffee table book is a must-have for fans of the Inn and locals alike. This is the 2008 edition of the the book. $38.50

Book: Riverside's Mission Inn Author(s): Steve Lech, Kim Jarrell Johnson ISBN: 0738546712 # of Pages: 128 Publisher: Arcadia Publishing On Sale Date: 10/02/2006 Book Description: The story of the internationally famous Mission Inn Hotel, and its predecessor, has been intertwined with the city of Riverside’s history since both began. As the slogan once said, Riverside is a “City with a Mission Inn its Heart.” For more than a century, the Mission Inn and its eclectic collections have intrigued visitors, artisans, architects, and dignitaries who have come to Riverside for a myriad of reasons. $21.99

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Master of the Mission Inn: Frank A. Miller, A Life By: Maurice Hodgen Beyond being known as "the man who built the Mission Inn", Frank Augustus Miller's personal and public life have long been shrouded in obscurity. Now this remarkable biography, using extensive unpublished information tells the fuller story and paints the colorful picture of Miller's life. This engrossing story about the man behind the unique Mission Inn, describes the life of a remarkable Cali-fornian whose death halted a city for fifteen minutes. Author Maurice Hodgen has lived in Riverside, California since 1968. He has been a docent at the Mission Inn Foundation Museum since 2001. His careers in higher education and busi-ness fully prepare him to tackle this first biography of Miller in seventy-five years. $25.00

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