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Period 3:
Jacoby Amezcua
Danny Botero
Kelley Chapman
Ashleigh Checketts
David Civello
Graciela Corona
Lena Costello
Joshua Crowe
Linda Escobar
Carlos Esparza
Terrence Franklin
Orlando Garcia
Ileana Guerrero
Bryan Holbrook
Rachel Ledesma
Jose Leyva
Krystal Luna
Arrianne Martin-Cuadrad
Marialicia Martinez
Nayeli Martinez
Taylor O’Connor
Mayra Quiroz
Maria Rangel
Brittney Rush
Jason Stelle
Peter Vo

Period 4:
Leonor Alonso
Fatima Ashraf
Melissa Blong
Elvira Del Toro
Erik Escalante
Jeannette Gonzalez
Lissete Guiterrez
Synovia Harris
Brittany Hawthorne
Belen Inzunza
Amy Kontur
Titiana Martinez
Josephine Melendez
Isaac Montoya
Jovita Munoz
Tommy Ngo
Jonathon Peterson
Lizeth Pinzon
Lennis Romero
Kevin Torres
Izraias Uribe
Luz Vega
Ricardo Velazquez
Karissa Villa

June 27, 2006
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Family Voices 2006, Introduction

What are museums and how do museums serve the community? The Mission Inn Foundation/Museum strives to preserve the art and artifacts of the 104-year-old Historic Mission Inn by sharing with the public the history and stories of these objects. The Museum provides educational knowledge of the Mission Inn as a defining feature of the Riverside community.

Family Voices is a Mission Inn Foundation & Museum program that promotes our community’s heritage. Now in its 8 th year, the project is an educational outreach program designed to promote students’ abilities to learn history and improve and develop their oral and written skills. The process conveys to the students the importance of preserving their own family’s history and heritage.

Family Voices is a six-month program that takes place in Riverside area school classrooms and on-site on the Mission Inn Museum. Students are given the task of choosing a family-related object or tradition and conducting research on their chosen subject with their families. Project artists- including a writer, a storyteller/singer, and a photographer- work with the students through numerous workshops to teach the students how to preserve their family heritages through written, oral, and visual techniques. Over the years, the project has culminated in a publication, professional video, and exhibit. This year, the project is making the leap into the age of digital technology. For the first time, students, their families, and the public will see their family stories on the Mission Inn Museum’s web site in the form of Family Album pages. Each page consists of family photos, family stories written by the students, and video clips of the students sharing their stories.

As you browse through Family Voices on the Internet, we hope you enjoy experiencing how the students are contributing to their community by sharing their special stories, and see that Riverside is a heritage rich community that defines and prides itself in its diversified cultural history.


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