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D - 28"

Artifact Descriptions

Round plaque with a raised fruit vine on border and in center figures of Madonna and Child with a small angel on each side; white figures with blue background.  Each figure has a semi-circular halo above their heads.

Artifact Origin Map
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della Robbia

Updated: October 8, 2006

his circular plaque is an example of a style of painted clay sculpture developed by the della Robbia family in Florence, Italy.  Several generations of the family in the 15th and 16th centuries, beginning with Luca della Robbia, perfected the use of a glaze over clay or terra cotta.  A common characteristic of the della Robbia sculptures was the use of blue and white.

This family of artists was also well-known for depicting fruit, including oranges and lemons, apples, nuts, foliage, and flowers in their artwork.  In the 20th century it became a tradition at Christmas to make wreaths in the style of the original della Robbia sculpture.  Instead of using clay and painted glaze, fresh evergreen foliage and fruits are used.  

Combined on this plaque is the blue and white with the fruits and foliage. It is one of several plaques in the Mission Inn collections made in the della Robbia style.  We believe this plaque is a copy or reproduction made much later.
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